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DJ Intelligence is a subscription service that runs in the cloud. There is nothing to download or install. Simply activate your account, customize your options, and integrate the desired tools onto your website. DJ Intelligence is available in two versions to fit your needs and budget. Activation is instant!
Subscription Features Pro Standard
Event Booking Tools Yes Yes
Event Planning Tools Yes Yes
Event Management Tools Yes Yes
3rd Party Calendar Sync Yes Yes
Number of Events and Clients Unlimited Unlimited
Technical Support Unlimited Unlimited
Upgrades and New Features Free Free
Additional Charges or Overage Fees None None
Website Tools Domain Private Domain Shared Domain
Event Data Storage Lifetime 1 Year
Document File Storage 500 MB 250 MB
Mobile-Friendly Booking Tools Yes No
Event Viewer Mobile App for iOS and Android Yes No
SEO Optimized Yes No
Private Branding Yes No
Discount on Lead Generation Services Yes No
2 Additional Months FREE Yes Yes
Annual Cost (USD) $200/Year $110/Year
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