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Frequently Asked Questions
When contacting my domain host, what do I tell them about setting up my CNAME?
If our knowledgebase items do not cover your host, you may need to contact them. Here is a sample script:


My Domain Name is hosted by you, and I need your help creating a new CNAME Record.

I want to create a CNAME Record for a subdomain I have chosen, and Intelligence Inc has provided me with a destination where they will host it.
The CNAME I need to create is_____________ (replace with the subdomain you chose, e.g. "clients" if "" is the URL desired).
The destination it should point to is ""

In other words, I need a CNAME Record _______________ that points to"
Please feel free to contact us for further explanation, clarification, or assistance.
Since I've added your service to my web site my bookings have increased!
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