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Frequently Asked Questions
What should I do if my custom domain is not functioning correctly?
If your custom domain is configured correctly, the System Homepage for your tools should come up when entering it into a web browser. If it does not function correctly, make sure you have given it a full 48 hours to propagate the internet before beginning troubleshooting. This is most commonly the cause. If after 48 hours it still does not function correctly, you will want to begin troubleshooting.

You will want to log back into your registrar account and confirm the DNS is set up correctly. If you need assistance with this, please contact the registrar directly for support as by law we are unable to provide support for 3rd party companies.

You will also want to log back into your account and re-visit the "Company Information" page to ensure your domain is entered into the system in the exact same fashion you are entering it into your browser. If the problem persists, please contact us.

In the future if you or your clients experience any problems accessing your website tools such as being unable to connect, slow connection, pages unable to display, or general errors, please FIRST try accessing your website tools directly through your original system URL before contacting our support team. Any of these aforementioned problems can be caused by an incorrectly configured or malfunctioning domain or DNS. If your tools run as normal on the system URL but experience problems when running through your own custom domain, the problem is likely with your registrar and you'll want to contact your registrar and/or hosting company directly for support. You can always have your clients access your tools through your standard URL as a backup. If you do experience problems through both your unique URL and your system URL, then there could be a larger problem and you will want to contact us.
Please feel free to contact us for further explanation, clarification, or assistance.
I love how clean the look is and how 'bug free' your software is compared to what I used to use.
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